Insurance and Checkups

A primary care doctor can help you stay healthy for life.

A primary care doctor is your partner—the person who is in there with you, helping you get through life. He or she understands the different stages your body goes through as you get older. Knows your family and your family’s health history and stays on top of health problems you may inherit. Treats you for just about anything from a sinus infection to a minor injury. Helps you find a specialist if you need special care. Gives you a “medical home” that keeps all of your medical records and coordinates everything from routine screenings to flu shots to medications. Get a doctor. Then see your doctor regularly. It’s important.

Get health insurance—it’s the first step to getting a doctor.

Think you can’t afford health insurance? Think again. At the Health Insurance Marketplace, health insurance companies compete for your business, so you can compare their offers and choose the health insurance plan that’s best for you. Having health coverage is important. It covers you when you’re sick. And helps you stay well. You’ll get a primary care doctor who can give you routine checkups and screenings—and keep you on track to feeling and living well.

Don’t qualify for health insurance? There’s another option.

Health Care Connection (HCC) is a network of doctors who see patients at a discounted rate based on income. If you are uninsured, are ineligible for medical assistance programs like Medicaid or Medicare, and meet income guidelines, HCC could be right for you. Learn more at

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